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Service Composition in SaaS Cloud using Technical Debt Analysis

Service composition is a key technology for building software application by composing multiple existing web services in SaaS Cloud. However, a software application in multi-tenant SaaS cloud would inevitably operate under dynamic changes on the workload from the tenants, and thus it is not uncommon for the composition to encounter under-utilisation and over-utilisation on the component services. The former reduces the service revenue and the latter, in contrast to the over-utilisation that leads to QoS constraints violation. In fact, both cases are undesirable, and bring a challenging task: when to (re)compose the component services such that the utility over time is maximised ?. We are taking advantage of "Technical Debt" metaphor for making economic-driven decisions for service composition. In particular, the ultimate goal of this research work is to create economic-driven approaches for understanding, improving and assessing the runtime behaviour of composed software application. For more information, please read C2 - ICWS 2019     and C3 - SEAMS 2020     research papers.